Boat shape flower basket - Sail Wind
Tanabe Chikuunsai IV

The first impression of this work, it will be expressed by the word "beautiful". The word "beautiful" is a common word, but it's a good way to share the impression of this flower basket with everyone. As you can see from the name, Boat shape flower basket, when you look at the flowing figure and the pure color that shines to reflect the sunlight, you can feel its comfort without thinking complicatedly.
4th generation Tanabe Chikuunsai is a bamboo crafts artist who has been drawing attention from abroad since he has been creating bamboo installations that use space. While working on many works as contemporary art, the traditional craft works as "Tanabe Chikuunsai," which continues from the Meiji era, are also produced with certain techniques. Making full use of that traditional technique, this flower basket allows you to see the detailed and detailed work done without losing a broad impression.

If you look at this work from the side with the front shifted, you will feel a different feeling. The gentle design that rises from the bottom and the design of the upper part, which reminds us of the swell of the waves swaying in the wind, must be said to be "beautiful."

And the figure, woven with thin bamboo sticks, feels like a gentle sea with a gentle light and a pleasant breeze.

Contrary to the overall grandeur, I'm really amazed by the delicate, complex and versatile techniques of braiding. The preparation of this bamboo material, which is called Shirasabi(white color bamboo), is far more laborious than we imagine. You can feel even the quiet past time, which has been passed down from ancient times, from the work that goes on carefully and steadily. The resulting work shows us the rich beauty and fun of bamboo. Also, when I take a time to look at it calmly, things such as the sense of the creator, effort, history of being carried, etc. that can not be seen directly from the work, fully arouse the imagination of the recipient.

The beauty of bamboo created by nature, the advanced processing technology created by humans, and the wonderful expressive power created by artists. Making many people aware of the existence of these beautiful works will be the driving force for the next generation.

An introduction of awards related to the works

This work was originally created by the 4th generation Tanabe Chikuunsai and is similar in style to the work selected at the 62nd Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition in 2015 (2015).
Note: The Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition is the highest exhibition of crafts in Japan sponsored by the Japan Crafts Association and cannot be submitted without passing a strict examination before being submitted. If you win and win prizes, you will be recognized as an important intangible cultural property (a living national treasure), which is the highest peak in the craft world.
Chikuunsai IV debuted at the Traditional Craft Exhibition with the first prize in 2012 (2012), and has been selected every year at national exhibitions up to now, winning twice, and even twice at the branch exhibition Kinki Exhibition Has won the prize.
By the way, the work with the same ship shape has won the highest prize in the Kinki exhibition.
At present, it has become one of the top runners in the craft industry.

「Boat shape flower basket -Sail Wind」
size:h23cm x w58cm x d24cm
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